The danish nosejob. Or: the Miracle database forum 2006.

All great things must come to an end with a big bang. Apparently this big bang was against my face. Broke the nose, teared my lip. Bummer. But it also brought good things: because of the stitches and the glue and the thickness, my upperlip was quite stiff. My english did improve significant because of that…

It also helps if one’s not the only one. Well some other occupant did that. He tried to fetch some beer somewhere (I was to the hospital by then, I think) and fell on a stairway with two pints of beer. The mark he’s gotten on his bum from that is…wel…remarkable: photo (courtesy of doug burns).

The databaseforum itself was perfect again: the joy, the networking among the people, great presentations. Too bad it’s the last, or: the very last to be specific.

Well, needless to say this has been a great database forum!

  1. Frits,

    It was, indeed a great conference and the best thing was the people I met. Good to meet you at last but I hope your nose is fixed soon – it looked much worse than my photos made it look!

    Take care (seriously, *take care*!)



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