JADE / AD4J and Oracle using postgresql

This is about a new product which is going to be part of a future version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager, but currently (it looks like it’s) rebranded to look like the Enterprise Manager, and the webpages show the title ‘Oracle Enterprise Manager’. ‘Going to be part of a future version of OEM’ means that it’s currently a standalone application.

The product is called AD4J (Application Diagnostics 4 Java), and my guess is it’s former name was JADE (Java Application Diagnostics Expert). As you can tell from both names, it is a diagnostics application for java virtual machines.

During the extraction of the application I saw something pass along which reminded me of postgresql. But that would seem rather strange to me…an oracle product using postgresql? But when I installed the application the directory structure and the binaries clearly showed the installation installed some version of postgresql, and AD4J is using it. Remarkable…

The product itself looks promising. It’s a web-application which (can) poll java virtual machines and get interesting and important information out of them: memory usage (not just heapsize, but specifically the (sun; don’t know about others like IBM) heap memories: eden, from, to and tenured), threads (all or the active ones), and gets where the threads spend their time on. Especially the latter sounds very interesting. A vague resemblance with oracle database wait events based tuning starts to grow here, again: promising!!

Documentation: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B16240_01/doc/admin.102/e11084/toc.htm
Software: http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/oem/htdocs/jade.html

(Even the oracle site isn’t univocal on the name, the documentation states ‘AD4J’, whilst the link states ‘jade’, and the download link also…)

  1. PostgreSQL based product from Oracle? That does sound funny, at least. 🙂

  2. With the acquisition frenzy (aka “buy don’t build strategy”) that Oracle has demonstrated in the last few years, that should not really come as a surprise. Their BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) currently runs only on Microsoft IIS, and that is even funnier.

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