Oprofile and VMware

Do not work together.

Oprofile is a system-wide profiler for linux. VMware is the virtualisation software by the company with the same name.

I’ve installed Oprofile on a Centos 5.1 virtual machine in VMware server (formerly known as GSX server), and try to get profile data. Nope. Nothing. Some investigation on the internet reveals that others already encountered this problem. Oprofile doesn’t work in a vmware-virtualised linux box. According to the search results, this also is the case with machines on ESX server.

Well, VMware server just runs as some processes on a physical machine. Why not try there? Using debian 4.0 aka “etch”…
Wrong again! Oprofile seems to run fine (meaning a kernel module is loaded and a daemon is started) and I can get results…but the running VMware virtual machines crash and are not startable anymore, until I shutdown Oprofile.


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