Yes, yet another blog about openworld.

It’s my first openworld, even the first time in san francisco. It’s all…impressive. Probably everything is big in the US. Even the weather is nice and warm this late of year (actually I don’t know if that is normal during this time of year here).

Crowds…crowds everywhere, even when walking through the city, there are swarms of people with the various oracle passes. The passes are roughly the same, but have different colours for normal attendees, guests, participants, oracle employees, etc. Additional, there are extra tags that are added for specific things, like being a speaker (yes, I’ve got an extra tag added). Some people managed to get up to three tags added to their pass.

Also monstrous number of sessions, sometimes more than 90 sessions parallel… It’s not something I’ve seen ever.

I am anxious for my session on thursday 9:00 am… It’s the day after the appreciation event.

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  1. Hi Frits,

    They even have a blogger pass as well.

    Timing sure ain’t handy for treasure island.


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