YABOO, part 2

(Yet Another Blog On Openworld)

The days and hours are passing fast…extremely fast. Yesterday was terrific meeting so much big names (Anjo Kolk, Mogens Norgaard, Cary Millsap, Doug Burns, Jeremiah Wilton, Jared Still, Carol Dacko, Kyle Hailey, Tuomas Pystynen, Graham Wood and his beautiful girlfriend) having a nice cocktail party organised by oracle benelux in the city near union square (rollerskating fluorescent ladies among the oracle crowd) and going to a miracle party at the harbour near the bridge….terrific!

And now sitting blogging next to tomas kyte…it’s all much, very much. It makes me feel humble, very humble.

And the floor of the moscone west oracle technology lounge is vibrating. It’s no hangover, it’s really vibrating. I don’t know if it’s the construction or the san andreas fault (did I spell that right?)

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  1. the floor was vibrating because all buildings in the area are built with some “flex” in them. so in case of earthquake they will shake but not break. unfortunately this means they tend to shake most of the time.

    took me a while to get used to this.

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