Exadata has arrived, part 2

The second installation step of the database machine aka Exadata by Oracle ACS (Advanced Customer Support) is configuring the database and storage (‘cell’) nodes/servers. The blades are delivered with default IP addresses, during this step they are configured to the IP addresses which fit in our environment. Also the cellservers are configured (‘LUN’s are carved’) to have storage for ASM.

The cellservers are configured with three diskgroups during a normal installation: DATA for data, RECO for the flash recovery area and a diskgroup for the clusterware (voting disks, cluster registry) called SYSTEMDG.

A RAC database is configured too. We have a half rack, which means 4 database nodes, so a 4 node RAC database is configured, called ‘dbm’. The database has no data in it, besides the data dictionary (obviously), and is using a ‘humble’ amount of memory (8GB on a 64GB machine).

Now it’s up to me to automate the creation (and deletion) RAC databases, adding and deleting instances of the RAC database, modifying the storage (to be able to test both half rack and quarter rack configurations) and also some optimising/configuration, like enabling hugepages, add rlwrap etc.

Busy, busy, busy 🙂

  1. Tim Hall said:


    Question: You mention Hugepages. That means you are not using MEMORY_TARGET. Is avoiding AMM the recommendation for exadata, or just your preference?



  2. Hi Tim! Thanks for reading!

    I am not aware of a list of recommendations for databases using exadata storage servers. If there’s any, I would like to know!

    I used the database setup by Oracle ACS. That database did not use AMM.

    It’s also my preference to avoid AMM, and use Hugepages.

  3. Hi.

    It would be nice to do some real comparisons between the two methods. On the surface it would appear that hugepages would have the advantage, but stuff like this suggests maybe not:


    I always try to use new features, especially automatic features, and only move away from them if they present a problem on a specific application/workload. Once again, just a preference of mine. 🙂



    • Rob, thanks for responding.

      Your are entirely correct. The machine’s got 72GB memory.

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