RMOUG and Hotsos

Recently I’ve spoken at the RMOUG training days 2013 in Denver (the mile high city). It was a first time for me to speak for the RMOUG and being in Denver. Thanks to the “sequestration” (federal budget cuts) the lines piled at immigration at Minneapolis (Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the twin cities) airport, and because my plane left more than one hour to late and my layover time was one hour and fifteen minutes, I tried to rebook my flight from Minneapolis to Denver. But, this flight turned out to be delayed too. This meant I was able to get on this flight!

At Denver airport Tim Gorman volunteered to fetch me at the airport and bring me to my Hotel. Tim did fetch multiple people, which meant we gathered at a bar where Debra Lilley, Mogens Norgaard, Claes (the tank commander), Martin Widlake amongst others where already waiting.

The RMOUG training days where held in the Denver conference centre, which have a very iconic blue bear at the front:


This is the same conference centre where Collaborate 2013 will be held!

I delivered 3 talks: About multiblock reads (which I will be presenting at collaborate too, but named “How Oracle secretly changed multiblock reads”), Exadata OLTP (a study on processing single block reads on Exadata configurations and non-Exadata using Kevin Closson’s SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) and a live Oracle function call tracing hacking session. The idea for the last presentation was conceived just prior to the conference, when I learned some people didn’t make it to Denver, and there where session slots to be filled. All three of these presentations will be presented at theOracle Usergroup Norway Vårseminar 2013 too!

After the conference we went skiing for a few days in Breckenridge with a group of friends, organised by Kellyn Pot’vin and Tim Gorman. Thank you Kellyn and Tim for all the work at both RMOUG and with this famous ‘Faux Table’ event, I really appreciate all the effort you put in these events! I also want to mention much other people who put effort in making things happen at the Faux table, for cooking, washing, driving, etc.

A few weeks further down the line was the annual HotSOS conference in Dallas. I travelled with Toon Koppelaars. Once again we found a long line for immigration, but eventually we where through immigration quick enough to fetch a beer at a bar near the gate of the connecting flight where each and every seat was equipped with an iPad, which you had to use to order something. Remarkable. At the conference I delivered my ‘About multiblock reads’ presentation. I was very pleased to be invited to speak at a conference which is dedicated to Oracle and performance. Once again this was a terrific meet-up with a huge amount of friends. This is an impression from the game night: Karl Arao from Enkitec tuning a pile of wood blocks (Jenga), overlooked by Gwen Shapira from Pythian and Mark Farnham.foto-1
There was a big number of dutch people at this year’s Hotsos conference: Toon Koppelaars, with whom I travelled, Marco Gralike, Gerwin Hendriksen and Jacco Landlust.

i would like to thank my employer VX Company for their support to make this possible.

  1. cstephens16 said:

    Any chance your presentations will be made public?

    • Did you take a look at the whitepapers and presentations section on the right side? Probably you find there what you are looking for?

      • cstephens16 said:

        I don’t see the Exadata OLTP paper. I’ve been through the others. All of them very informative!

  2. The Exadata OLTP paper is in the presentations and whitepapers section. Enjoy!

  3. cstephens16 said:

    Fantastic set of slides. Thanks for your work!

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