Personal Details

Name: Frits J.M. Hoogland
Date of birth: June 7, 1972
Email: frits.hoogland at
Phone: +31 6 14180860


I am an IT professional with a specialisation in database performance and internals. Besides the oracle database, my knowledge and expertise areas are:

  • physical infrastructure layer
    • operating systems (Linux, HPUX, Solaris, AIX, Tru64 and Windows)
    • storage (Netapp, EMC, Sun, HP, Equalogic)
    • Networking (TCP/IP, Firewalling, VPN, NAT, switching, routing, etc.)
  • virtual infrastructure layer
    • VMWare
    • Xen
    • Oracle VM
  • Databases
    • Oracle
    • Postgresql
    • MySQL
  • LDAP
    • Oracle LDAP
    • Fedora directory server/389 server
  • Webserver
    • Oracle HTTP Server
    • Apache HTTP Server
  • Application server
    • Tomcat
    • JBoss
    • WebSphere
    • OC4J
    • Weblogic
  • Webcache / reverse proxy
    • Oracle webcache
    • Squid

I have written and presented technical presentations in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Slovenia and the USA. I am also an active contributer to the Oracle community in general, especially the Oracle Forums. In August 2009 I received an Oracle ACE award from the Oracle Technology Network, and in August 2010 I have been accepted as Oracle ACE Director. (see details here). In August 2010 I was also invited to become a member of the OakTable Network, an informal grouping of some the most leading experts on Oracle technology.

I am the main technical reviewer of a couple of books:
– Expert Enterprise Manager: Pot’vin and others (Apress)
– Expert Consolidation with Oracle 12c: Bach (Apress)
– Practical Oracle Database Appliance: Curtis and others (Apress)
– Expert Oracle SQL: Hasler (Apress)
– Expert Oracle Database Architecture: Kyte (Apress)

I am the co-writer of the following book: Expert Exadata (Apress, second revision).

I am the co-author on an article in the Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics: Huvariome: a web server resource of whole genome next-generation sequencing allelic frequencies to aid in pathological candidate gene selection

  1. Carol D said:

    Hey Frits, Congrats on the Oracle Ace award! Well deserved!

  2. Paul Janda said:

    Thank you for sharing your whitepaper, “Oracle security done right”. You saved me a bunch of time trying to reinvent that scheme. Gratis.

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