What’s new with Oracle database 18.8 versus 18.9

For the difference between Oracle database versions 18.8 and 18.9 this too follows the line of a low amount of differences.

As always, there are some parameters that have changed from being undocumented spare to being undocumented with a name.

Also, the DBA and CDB table (DBA|CDB)_REGISTRY_BACKPORTS is back again. The disappearance of this table in 18.8 turned out to be a bug. There is a patch for 18.8 if you need this table.

parameters unique in version 18.8 versus 18.9


parameters unique in version 18.9 versus 18.8


dba tables unique to 18.8 versus 18.9

dba tables unique to 18.9 versus 18.8


cdb tables unique to 18.8 versus 18.9

cdb tables unique to 18.9 versus 18.8


On the C function side, it becomes apparent that this update is truly an update, roughly the number of functions that have gone and appeared are the same. A large portion of the functions that are removed in 18.9 are functions that have to do with AWR, and some other functions dealing with ASM and others.

The functions that have been added seem to be quite diverse,

code symbol names unique in version 18.8 versus 18.9

NAME                                                         RESOLVE                                                      ANNOTATION
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
R_CR_entropy_resource_init                                   R_CR_entropy_resource_init                                   ??
kcfis_clear_lob                                              (kcfis)_clear_lob                                            kernel cache file management intelligent storage ??
kds_update_turbo_scan_pivot_statistics                       (kds)_update_turbo_scan_pivot_statistics                     kernel data seek/scan ??
kewramcs_app_map_condbid_str                                 (kewr)amcs_app_map_condbid_str                               kernel event AWR repository ??
kewramvn_append_mdb_vvwname                                  (kewr)amvn_append_mdb_vvwname                                kernel event AWR repository ??
kewraxc_attribute_xcb                                        (kewr)axc_attribute_xcb                                      kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrbtsg_build_topseg                                        (kewr)btsg_build_topseg                                      kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrccsq_collect_csql                                        (kewr)ccsq_collect_csql                                      kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrgcfes_get_cacheid_from_enum_str                          (kewr)gcfes_get_cacheid_from_enum_str                        kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrmplvl_map_snap_level                                     (kewr)mplvl_map_snap_level                                   kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrpfbue_pdb_from_buffer_entry                              (kewr)pfbue_pdb_from_buffer_entry                            kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrptsq_prep_topsql                                         (kewr)ptsq_prep_topsql                                       kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrrdsi_rank_dstat_item                                     (kewr)rdsi_rank_dstat_item                                   kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrrtsq_rank_topsql                                         (kewr)rtsq_rank_topsql                                       kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrsaobn_set_all_objnames                                   (kewr)saobn_set_all_objnames                                 kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrsonie_set_object_names_in_entry                          (kewr)sonie_set_object_names_in_entry                        kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrsqlc_sql_iscolored_cb                                    (kewr)sqlc_sql_iscolored_cb                                  kernel event AWR repository ??
kfatknHsh                                                    (kfa)tknHsh                                                  kernel automatic storage management alias operations ??
kfdDskComputeHashForRow                                      (kfd)DskComputeHashForRow                                    kernel automatic storage management disk ??
kfioSrMsgBuf_ack                                             (kfio)SrMsgBuf_ack                                           kernel automatic storage management translation I/O layer ??
kfkcrRefresh                                                 (kfk)crRefresh                                               kernel automatic storage management KFK ??
kfnFreeKfnpnmMem                                             (kfn)FreeKfnpnmMem                                           kernel automatic storage management networking subsystem ??
kkqtutlSelItemMatches                                        (kkqt)utlSelItemMatches                                      kernel compile query  table ??
kkquIsCorrTransInList                                        (kkqu)IsCorrTransInList                                      kernel compile query  subquery unnesting ??
krvxgtf                                                      (krvx)gtf                                                    kernel redo recovery extract ??
krvxrsr_SkipRedo                                             (krvx)rsr_SkipRedo                                           kernel redo recovery extract ??
ksmg_estimate_sgamax                                         (ksm)g_estimate_sgamax                                       kernel service  memory ??
kzagetcid                                                    (kza)getcid                                                  kernel security audit  ??
lxCharsetIsByteUnique                                        (l)xCharsetIsByteUnique                                      core library functions ??
qeroiFirstPart                                               (qeroi)FirstPart                                             query execute rowsource extensibel indexing query component ??
qkspmTravInit                                                (qkspm)TravInit                                              query kernel sql plan management ??
ri_entcb_cmd_func                                            ri_entcb_cmd_func                                            ??
zt_yield_entropy_source_cb                                   (zt)_yield_entropy_source_cb                                 security encryption ??

code symbol names unique in version 18.9 versus 18.8

NAME                                                         RESOLVE                                                      ANNOTATION
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
apagwnrn                                                     (apa)gwnrn                                                   SQL Access Path Analysis ??
apagwnrnprd                                                  (apa)gwnrnprd                                                SQL Access Path Analysis ??
apatwnrn                                                     (apa)twnrn                                                   SQL Access Path Analysis ??
kafcpy_one_row                                               (kaf)cpy_one_row                                             kernel access fetch ??
kcbz_eff_bsz                                                 (kcbz)_eff_bsz                                               kernel cache buffers subroutines for kcb ??
kdilm_row_diskcompress_policy_type                           (kdil)m_row_diskcompress_policy_type                         kernel data index load ??
kdsReadAheadSafe                                             (kds)ReadAheadSafe                                           kernel data seek/scan ??
kewrcc_bind_cb                                               (kewr)cc_bind_cb                                             kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrcc_check_columns                                         (kewr)cc_check_columns                                       kernel event AWR repository ??
kewrcc_fetch_cb                                              (kewr)cc_fetch_cb                                            kernel event AWR repository ??
kfdp_getNormalFgCnt                                          (kfdp)_getNormalFgCnt                                        kernel automatic storage management disk PST ??
kfkIsAFDLoaded                                               (kfk)IsAFDLoaded                                             kernel automatic storage management KFK ??
kgskltyp                                                     (kgsk)ltyp                                                   kernel generic service resource manager ??
kjcts_syncseq_incident_dump                                  (kjc)ts_syncseq_incident_dump                                kernel lock management communication ??
kkoRowNumLimit_Int                                           (kko)RowNumLimit_Int                                         kernel compile optimizer ??
kkoWnRowNumLimit                                             (kko)WnRowNumLimit                                           kernel compile optimizer ??
kkqljpUpdateXplAnn                                           (kkq)ljpUpdateXplAnn                                         kernel compile query  ??
kkqoreAndDriver                                              (kkqore)AndDriver                                            kernel compile query  or-expansion ??
kpcxdrBindReorderInfo                                        (kp)cxdrBindReorderInfo                                      kernel programmatic interface ??
kpdbCheckCommonprofileCbk                                    (kpdb)CheckCommonprofileCbk                                  kernel programmatic interface pluggable database ??
kpdbSyncCreateProfile                                        (kpdbSync)CreateProfile                                      kernel programmatic interface pluggable database DBMS_PDB.KPDBSYNC SYNC_PDB ??
kpossGetEncNonTemplateOverflow                               (kpo)ssGetEncNonTemplateOverflow                             kernel programmatic interface oracle ??
kpossSetEncNonTemplateOverflow                               (kpo)ssSetEncNonTemplateOverflow                             kernel programmatic interface oracle ??
kpossTemplateMatch_                                          (kpo)ssTemplateMatch_                                        kernel programmatic interface oracle ??
kpossTemplateSet                                             (kpo)ssTemplateSet                                           kernel programmatic interface oracle ??
kpussTemplateSend                                            (kpu)ssTemplateSend                                          kernel programmatic interface user ??
kpuxcSessionSignatureRecv                                    (kpuxc)SessionSignatureRecv                                  kernel programmatic interface user db replay? ??
kpuxcSessionTemplateSend                                     (kpuxc)SessionTemplateSend                                   kernel programmatic interface user db replay? ??
kpuxcSessionTemplatesFree                                    (kpuxc)SessionTemplatesFree                                  kernel programmatic interface user db replay? ??
krvxdsr                                                      (krvx)dsr                                                    kernel redo recovery extract ??
ksmg_estimate_nonimc_sga_size                                (ksm)g_estimate_nonimc_sga_size                              kernel service  memory ??
ksp_init_modp_send                                           (ksp)_init_modp_send                                         kernel service  parameter ??
ksp_modp_get_enckeyvals                                      (ksp)_modp_get_enckeyvals                                    kernel service  parameter ??
ksp_modp_get_keyvals                                         (ksp)_modp_get_keyvals                                       kernel service  parameter ??
ksp_modp_set_enckeyvals                                      (ksp)_modp_set_enckeyvals                                    kernel service  parameter ??
ksp_modp_set_keyvals                                         (ksp)_modp_set_keyvals                                       kernel service  parameter ??
ksp_modp_update_sign                                         (ksp)_modp_update_sign                                       kernel service  parameter ??
kspdecbuf                                                    (ksp)decbuf                                                  kernel service  parameter ??
kspencbuf                                                    (ksp)encbuf                                                  kernel service  parameter ??
qergiSetFirstPartFlag                                        (qergi)SetFirstPartFlag                                      query execute rowsource granule iterator (partitioning? or PX granules?) ??
qeroiFindGranuleIter                                         (qeroi)FindGranuleIter                                       query execute rowsource extensibel indexing query component ??
qjsnIsDollarOnly                                             (qjsn)IsDollarOnly                                           query json ??
qjsnJsonSerialize_optim                                      (qjsn)JsonSerialize_optim                                    query json ??
qkaIsRTRIMRequiredForViewCol                                 (qka)IsRTRIMRequiredForViewCol                               query kernel allocation ??
qksopCheckConstOrOptWithBindInAndChains                      (qksop)CheckConstOrOptWithBindInAndChains                    query kernel sql operand processing ??

(disclaimer: I can’t look at the sourcecode, which means I look at the oracle executable with normal, modern tools. This also means that there’s a of stuff that I don’t see, for example if functionality has been added inside an existing function, then that’s totally invisible to me)

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